There are great number of uses for plastic cards.

Because of the tremendous durability and high-quality graphics, plastic cards can be used in a wide variety of situations. They can be visual like most business cards, but they can interact with machines in many ways.

There are so many uses for plastic cards, it might just blow your mind!

  • Plastic Can Be Eco-friendly
  • You can reduce waste by recycling all your old plastic cards into brand-new useful cards.
  • There are PVC cards on the market which degrade when they come in contact with such organic materials such as composite and soil, and this can happen as quickly as within four years.
  • New cards can be made from recycled plastic too, further reducing the environmental footprint.
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Not all plastic card printers are alike, and it’s important to find the right one for your needs.

We’re here to help you find the perfect plastic card printer at the perfect price. Plastic Card ID offers: Award-winning service from experienced professionals.

The top printer brands that can be found on our easy-to-navigate website.

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Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an ID Card Printer

Shopping for an ID card printer doesn’t need to be a complex project. Focus on these 5 factors to help you in your search. 1. Single-sided printer or dual-sided printer

Most card printers are available in either single or dual sided models.

Single sided are less expensive, but they require you to flip the cards if you want to print on both sides. Single sided are less expensive but require you to manually flip and re-print to the backside of the cards. 2) Dye Sublimation or Reverse Transfer

Dye sublimation printers are the most common and cost-effective type of printer.

They require the use of ribbon that has panels made to infuse color on the card, however it leaves a small white border behind on each card. Reverse-transfer printers cost more, but can print all the way up to the edge of the card and also feature higher image transfer and color quality. 3) Volume Requirements

High yield ribbons, large hopper capacity and print speed time are things you need to look for if you plan on printing large batches of cards.

If your company only needs to print small amounts, you can save money when you purchase the handfed printer or the printers that don’t require the high volume features. 4) Lamination & Visual Security If cards are handled and swiped on a regular basis, for example as part of a security system, then it is essential that they are laminated.

Lamination can also be used to add holograms for high security.

There are other ways to add visual security to cards that are less expensive, such as watermarks, holographic cardstock, and holographic stickers. 5) Connection Type

All ID card printers can be connected to a computer with a simple USB cable connection.

Connecting to a Mac is possible with a printer that has Mac compatibility. If you need to connect to a network to print using multiple computers, be sure to select a printer with Ethernet capabilities. What are PVC ID Card Printers?

Nearly all plastic ID card printers use PVC plastic.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is another name for plastic, and while it sounds like the pipes used in construction, PVC is a durable plastic also used in the creation and printing of ID cards. PVC card printers can consequently mean all types of photo ID makers. How do PVC Card Printers Work?

PVC plastic card printers can use any number of methods to transfer a design on to an ID card. Some of the most common techniques used to print PVC cards are dye sublimation and reverse transfer. Dye Sublimation

The most popular method of ID card printing, dye sublimation printing, uses a ribbon which has panels of the three primary colors (yellow, cyan and magenta) along its entire length.

When the card is being printed, heated elements in the print head pass over the ribbon, and evaporate the ink on the ribbon, thereby transferring it to the PVC card. Dye sublimation is a term commonly used with color PVC card printers - for a black and white PVC card printer; this process is called resin thermal transfer.

Badgy 200 Printer

For a demonstration of the Badgy Printer or to download an informational brochure go to:

The Badgy200 by Evolis is the most competitively priced option available.

You don’t need a dual-sided printer for printing on both sides of your cards.

You can use a single-sided printer and simply flip the card over to re-run it for the back-side printing.

You save $600.00 when flipping the card over yourself - the cost difference between a single sided and a dual sided card printer.


Badgy gives you a turnkey solution for PC or Mac. It consists of a plastic card printer, the Evolis Badge Studio card personalization software, and a pack of consumable supplies (blank plastic cards and a color ribbon) for 100 prints.

Also, a free card template library is available at, where you can customize templates of your choice by adding text, logos, photos, barcodes, and much more! PRINTING ON DEMAND Badgy200 allows you to print your own cards instantly and completely independently.

Print your badges as you need them, as single cards or in small batches. SAVING TIME

Badgy200 has an output of 95 color cards per hour.

You can import data from a database and add information to your card designs easily, in addition to launching a print run of your badges that include variable data with a single command.


The Badgy200 printer creates personalized cards with professional quality and edge-to-edge printing to highlight your organization’s brand image.

EASY TO USE The Badgy200 is installed and used just like a standard office printer.

You simply load the cards into the feeder and retrieve them from the output hopper. Both are located on the front of the card printer.

With the Badgy Premium Suite Software, you have control of the printer from your computer through notifications. The Badgy print ribbons are easy to install and are automatically recognized by your printer.

CONVENIENTLY SIZED! The Badgy200 printer is smaller than a standard sheet of paper, making it fit easily into any workspace.

  • It weighs only 9 lbs.
  • Personalized Card Badges
  • Badgy allows you to print your own professional-quality custom badges whenever and wherever you want. It is truly the ideal solution for any business that needs to print plastic cards for any occasion.
  • A Card Printer

Instead of paper, you can easily print cards on plastic.

  • Badgy empowers you to print the badges you want, whenever and wherever you need them, in full color and professional quality.
  • Evolis Badgy200 System Description The Evolis Badgy200 Card Printing System is cost-effective and perfect for low volume card printing applications. This printer is ideal for both experienced and novice users!

    Here’s What the Badgy System includes:

    • Badgy200 card printer
    • An extensive online card template library

      An extensive online card template library

      A consumables pack, including a ribbon and plastic cards

      • Product Features
      • Easy operation
      • The Evolis Badgy200 system is versatile and simple to install, and it can easily be used just as you would use a standard office printer.
      • Its compact design allows it to be setup anywhere in your workspace.

      Badgy features a 25-card input/output tray at the front, ribbon reloading at the top, and the USB and power connection at the back.

      In addition to that, the LCD control panel makes it even easier to operate.

      Quality and cost effectiveness The Badgy200 prints photographic quality plastic cards in full-color designs that cover the entire surface of the card. Badgy can also print readable barcodes.

      Regardless of if you need to print one card or 100 cards, overall, the printing costs are much lower than normal and fit any budget.

      In addition, Badgy saves you money on power costs when you use its hibernation mode.

      • Badgy200 fulfills all your needs for graphic personalization and instant card production, as single cards or in small batches.
      • Badgy200 provides a solution for graphic personalization and instant card production, one at a time or in small batches.
      • Quickly print out reward or membership cards for customers, IDs for visitors and new employees, and more in rich color.

      Evolis Badgy Badgy200 Overview This printer utilizes dye sublimation and thermal transfer technology to produce prints at 300 dpi and with 2 million colors.

      This model is incredibly speedy with a color YMCKO print speed of 95 cards per hour and a monochrome speed of 325 cards per hour.

      • Badge Studio Plus and Badgy Premium Suite for Windows
      • Badgy comes with a single-installation CD that has Badge Studio software, card templates, and the printer driver.
      • You’ll be able to design and print edge-to-edge badges just like a professional, or any kind of ID cards you want.
      • You only need a basic familiarity with PC or Macintosh computers to have Badgy up and going in mere minutes.
      • The Badgy Premium Suite for Windows software gives you total control of your printer from your computer.

      Premium Suite includes:

      Printer driver

      • Printer management and configuration tool with notifications
      • 24/7 online support
      • We offer thousands of free card templates at, where you can customize the template of your choosing and add photos, logos, text, and more.
      • Color Ribbon, Cards, and Power Accessories
      • Badgy200 B22U0000RS consist of all of the supplies and printer accessories that you will need to get started right away:

      Full-color YMCKO ribbon with a 100-print capacity

      • 100 blank credit card-sized PVC cards.
      • Installation CD, including the printer driver, Badge Studio Plus software, and card template
      • USB cable
      • Power supply and power cable

      Ideal Applications

      Print personalized ID badges either one at a time or in batches with the Evolis Badgy whenever you need them. Staff ID badges

      Membership cards

      Event badges Event badges